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Tina Calabrese, LCSW-R, CASAC
Executive Director                                      
Tina is the president of Heart and Soul. The dream and vision of creating a counseling center came to her as she worked at mental health facilities through her twenties. She is a psychotherapist as well as a playwright and master gardener.  For the past 23 years she has combined her talents of writing, drama, and community organizing and integrated them into her practice.  She specializes in treating psychological trauma and abused children. Tina is considered an expert witness by the courts for child abuse. Also a mental health volunteer worker for the American Red Cross she  sees her practice and Heart&Soul as meeting the needs of our current society in stress.

Tina and Mrs. Claus December 2010


Roslyn Block, LCSW-R
Roz is a former deputy director of the Suffolk County Department of Probation.  She has clinical expertise is treating couples as well as adults from alcoholic homes. Roz is a smart and competent professional who loves her work and continues to excel at it.

Diane Tabak LCSW-R
Diane is returning to work at Heart&Soul after some time in Florida where she worked for Child Protective Services. Diane was a staff member from 1997-2002. She offers expertise in helping people deal with issues from childhood as well as conflicts arising in interpersonal relationships. Diane originally wanted to name Lucy cat "Bubbe." diane was trained in trauma focused cognitive behavioral treatment for children. She is easy going and compassionate and will often make you smile.

Donna Fodera, LMSW Donna has extensive experience in working with families, children, individuals and couples. She also helps adolescents in their passage into adulthood. She works Tuesdays and Saturdays.

Sherri Halucha, MFT Sherri is a licensed marriage and family therapist. she works with children, couples and families and works at Heart and Soul on Friday and Sundays.

Dolores Bellissimo, LCSW Dolores is a spanish speaking therapist who has worked with victims of domestic violence. She see families, children and adults.

Kaitlyn Oliveri, Administrative Assistant
Kaitlyn is the friendly voice you hear when you call. She answers the phone, deals with your insurance company and schedule appointments for staff.

Siobhan Gill, Administrative Assistant Siobhan helps the staff by typing letters, scheduling appointments and calling insurance companies. She also is the sweet and compassionate person who can watch your child when you go into session.

Montauk sunset August 2012

Lucy arrived one day at the front door of Heart & Soul with her four sick babies. The babies were brought to the vet and taken care of by the staff until they were ready to be adopted. Some clients adopted the babies and the center kept Lucy as a pet that could help the children in their therapy and healing process. Since Lucy was a feral cat it took her awhile to warm up to people and being taken care of.
She was the queen of the castle and was very kind to all the visitors at Heart&Soul except of course others animals.

Lucy (Now in Spirit)