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For the past eleven years the Heart & Soul has adopted a family for the holidays, donated toys for a toy drive, reached out to each other in friendship and helped each other recover from substance abuse and destructive behaviors.

A community can become a surrogate family even if for a brief time in life. Members often talk of "paying it forward" which means keeping the good heart going to the next person who needs it.

Let’s face it – Life is an endless stream of challenges!

No matter how hard we try, there will always be something or someone that pushes our buttons and causes us stress!

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to stay calm within the chaos so that we could deal with whatever life throws at us?

We may not be able to control what goes on around us but we can have control over how we react to it!

There is a simple, peaceful, relaxing thing you can do for yourself and ultimately every person you come in contact with – Meditate!

Meditation can become your most valuable tool to handle any given situation on any given day. It can allow you to tap into the confidence, strength, and inner peace you need to achieve all of your personal goals.

Call or e-mail our office and ask about our meditation and empowerment groups

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