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Great news!

Heart and Soul has hired a psychiatric nurse practitioner, Heather LoNigro to prescribe and evaluation medication needs. Beginning October 24 you can call the office 631-321-7011 and schedule a half hour session with her. Please contact us for fee information or any other questions.

The Heart & Soul Counseling Team

Tina Calabrese, LCSW-R, CASAC
Executive Director

Tina is the president of Heart & Soul Counseling Center. The dream and vision of creating a counseling center came to her as she worked at mental health facilities through her twenties. Also a mental health volunteer worker for the American Red Cross, she sees her practice, and Heart & Soul, as a way to meet the needs of our society in its current state of distress.

Roslyn Block, LCSW-R

"Roz" is a former deputy director of the Suffolk County Department of Probation. She has clinical expertise is treating couples as well as adults from alcoholic homes. Roz is a smart and competent professional who loves her work and continues to excel at it.

Heather LoNigro, RN, PMHNP

Heather is a psychiatric nurse practitioner who can evaluate and manage psychiatric medication for our clients. With many years’ experience in behavioral health, Heather is a welcomed part of our team!

Sherri Halucha, MFT

Sherri is a licensed marriage and family therapist. She works with children, couples and families and focuses on helping to improve relationships and communication skills. She also helps individuals improve emotional well-being through support, problem-solving, and improved self-care.

Andrea Cuttler, LCSW

Andrea specializes in working with family systems and children. She works with clients to develop cooperative living environments where family discourse/divorce is present. Andrea can help parents build the foundation necessary to develop healthy communication skills to connect with their children and partner. She has extensive knowledge on how to develop collaborative partnerships with multiple service systems.

Sharon Palmer, LCSW

Sharon is an LCSW and certified school social worker with over 25 years of experience, as well as a certified Field Instructor (SIFI) for Adelphi, Stony Brook, and Fordham Universities. Sharon specializes in individual, couple, and family counseling and advises therapeutic techniques that are adaptive to each client’s needs. She uses cognitive behavioral therapy, focused interventions, and narrative based approaches to engage in steps towards positive change.

Mary Byrnes, LCSW

Mary has experience working with children, adults and couples. She specializes in treating children and adults who have experienced anxiety or past trauma. Prior to joining the Heart & Soul team in November 2015, Mary ran a trauma based treatment program in several schools.

Janine Donovan, LCSW

Janine is a passionate therapist who has an extensive background working with individuals, children, adolescents and families. Janine offers support and guidance through the various challenges life presents us. Helping others find their path to peace and wellness is what Janine finds most fulfilling.

Cooper, Professional Therapy Dog

Cooper was a rescue and had many issues, mostly anxiety and panic. The Heart and Soul community has helped him become the dog he was always meant to be: loving, cuddly and adorable.

Kaitlyn Oliveri, Administrative Director

Kaitlyn has been our administrative director since April 2013. She recently graduated from Dowling College with a BS in biology. Kaitlyn will be starting her master’s degree at Touro College to become a surgical physician assistant. She also volunteers her time by riding the ambulance as an EMT!

Natalia Cuttler, Office Assistant

Natalia works Saturday afternoons and assists our office managers in answering phones and collecting co-pays.

Cara Palmer, Office Assistant

Cara works in our office when she is home from college. She manages creative projects within Heart and Soul and helps clients schedule appointments.

Sheila Goloboy, LMSW

Sheila is currently practicing at Heart and Soul, seeing children, families, adults, and teenagers. She provides individual and family therapy for a range of client needs throughout the life course. Her areas of interest are adults experiencing life transitions, children with academic or behavioral challenges and their families, and young adults seeking support and direction. Sheila’s approach is to consider not only the client as a person, but also how that client is able to adapt and succeed in family, work/school, and social environments.

Rowan Lindsay, BSN, PMHNP

Rowan Lindsay is offering medication management at Heart and Soul. He has worked at the Veterans Administration, in the Emergency Room and is currently in the United States Navy Reserves.
Roslyn Block
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